Artist Statement

My work is based on the complexities between value changes across the weight distribution of figures, facial expressions, and textured surfaces. These particular muses are enhanced when a direct light source kisses the surface of these objects. Considering that light isn’t just a source for visibility, but knowing that our complexion becomes a saturated surface of reflections from every object that surrounds us, leaves me to romanticize this study in my paintings. The different shapes and colors presented across the subject matter creates a new compositional landscape. While constantly rotating each canvas throughout the process, the countless layers of oil paint, spray paint, and acrylic paint will begin to ambiguously communicate my desire to stretch the beautiful delicacy across an insignificant surface. Light tends to answer questions that I was not aware I had; it reminds me to acknowledge a moment of time that otherwise would have easily passed as mundane. To capture these moments, I’m abstracting and fragmenting pieces together to map my own spaces and record my personal moments. 


Jessica Rose was raised in Murfreesboro, Tennessee where she began pursuing her interests in the arts at an early age, drawing comic strips at the kitchen table. In high school, she spent time studying under Mary Veazie at the Attic School of Art and later placed second in the U.S. Congressional Art Show. Jessica started at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2012 as a Social Work major. Realizing her passion was better parlayed creatively, she currently plans on receiving her BFA in Studio Art in 2018. Meanwhile, she has been able to hang her work in the Student Union building on Middle Tennessee State University’s campus, published in Collage: A Journal of Creative Expression, enjoyed participating in the Greenway Arts Festival in Murfreesboro, and works as Professor Sisavanh Houghton’s studio assistant. Today, her large-scale work reflects an intense study of light and the way it interacts with form. 

Jessica is now available for commissioned work. If you would like more information, or just want to chat, send her an email.